Monday, September 12, 2011

This just in: KJRH donates news desk to TCC journalism dept.

TCC journalism students (sitting) Michelle Feliciano, Scott Davis, (standing) Patrick Quiring and Priscilla Adams check out the news desk in the studio at the Center for Creativity this afternoon.

TCC journalism students now have a kickin' new news desk thanks to the team at KJRH. Students are using the desk in the television studio at the Center for Creativity on the TCC Metro Campus.

When TCC Professor Ed Taylor toured KJRH's studio this summer with his journalism students, he learned that KJRH was getting a new studio. Then he noticed that their weather desk would make a perfect news desk for his students to use in class. Taylor asked Production Manager Ross Greenawalt if TCC could have the desk, and Ross made it happen.

"This donation has saved us thousands of dollars in set construction costs, not to mention it looks very cool in the studio," Taylor said. "We had been using a computer table prior to the donation."

Thank you, KJRH!

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