Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acts of kindness

Have you ever been helped by someone whose generosity changed your life? I have. When my husband and I first moved to Tulsa, we didn't have jobs or vehicles. I had never felt so helpless. We were in a new city with nothing except a crummy apartment.

Then, someone reached out to help us. My sister's teenage son had a car that needed work but ran. She let me borrow it so I could drive to a job interview. I got the job, and because of her, I had a car to get me there each day.

I'm not saying the car was perfect. In fact, far from it. It was a standard and got stuck in gear, a lot. Plus, I had never driven a standard before. And it died at more than a few intersections. But it always got me where I needed to go (eventually).

I am grateful for my sister's generosity as well as those who give to others they don't even know. And the reason for this warm, fuzzy blog post? The TCC Foundation, which provides hundreds of scholarships to students and funds faculty innovation projects, are awarding Lynn and Stacy Schusterman with the Vision in Education Leadership Award tonight. The Schustermans have given so much to Tulsa and TCC, and I know each student affected by their generosity is grateful.

If you would like to say "thank you" to the Schustermans or someone else who has been generous to you, post a comment.

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