Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stealing: The new form of flattery?

Now that the Majors Fair is over, I can't let another moment go by without sharing something funny and a bit strange. Yes, TCC has made some attractive posters and banners in the past but none has been so popular as this year's Majors Fair promotional materials. In fact, some people liked them so much that they took them home! That's right--those posters and banners with the cute dogs, sharks and squirrels have been disappearing from TCC campuses ever since they were hung.

Faculty, staff and students commented about how much they loved the Majors Fair promotional materials, but for someone to take them? Repeatedly? In fact, I heard from a reliable source that one of the full-color posters was stolen and then replaced by the perpetrator with a black-and-white copy. Now there's a crook with a conscience.

I hear that TCC is taking it as a form of flattery. :)

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