Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No grades, no pressure! Get creative and have fun in continuing ed classes

Are you bored? Would you like to express yourself through taking artsy photos, playing the guitar, knitting a scarf, blogging or painting a portrait? TCC's Continuing Education department offers affordable classes in these areas as well as in subjects that can help you in your job and in your finances.

And these instructors didn't just fall off the truck. Some of them have photographed, played, knitted, painted, etc. for decades.

Bob Cuardrado, Spanish and guitar instructor, 38 years;
Dave East, photography instructor, 28 years; and
Jim Hill, finance and photography instructor, 27 years.

But TCC also has instructors who have gained recent fame. How about learning to blog by Tulsa's own Natasha Ball of Tasha Does Tulsa?

Pick your passion in the Continuing Education schedule. Classes are still forming for fall.

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