Monday, September 19, 2011

TCCMobile now available in Apple App Store

It's here! The new TCCMobile app is ready for your downloadable enjoyment. This app is so great, it may just change your life. OK, maybe not change your life but definitely make your life easier. You can go to the Apple App Store right now and download TCCMobile for FREE. This app has MyTCC, Blackboard, TED, academic schedules and phone numbers at just a tap away. It has TCC news, calendars, maps to TCC locations and more. Check it out.


  1. It's great there is now an iPhone app. Heck, even high schools have iPhone apps now. Don't forget Android though. The app can become successful if it is easy to use and helpful. Marketing the crap out of it is also necessary. One idea: E-mail blast, I haven't seen an e-mail about this yet. Some features to consider: alarm clock geared toward reminders of homework and class schedules, integrate with Evernote or similar for alternate options to note taking, access to HigherOne within the app, etc.

  2. Thanks, Alex! I appreciate your feedback. An Android app is in development. TCC is promoting it on the website, on campuses (with posters) and other ways.

  3. I was just logging on to also suggest Android