Monday, June 27, 2011

Students build, race solar cars at engineering camp

Danielle Hale won the solar car race this morning.
"Engineering camp" may sound more serious than fun, but the seventh and eighth graders I saw building and racing their own solar cars this morning were anything but solemn. They had until 11:30 a.m. to construct their cars that are powered only from the sun, and then their instructor Tommy Henderson, TCC professor, led them outside for the race.

They excitedly took their places in hopes that their cars would go fast (and straight). After several heats, Danielle Hale's car was declared the winner.

This week-long day camp is presented by the Tulsa Alliance for Engineering, a group of six higher education institutions dedicated to educating more engineers in Tulsa. They are: TCC, Tulsa Tech, TU, OSU-Tulsa, OU-Tulsa and ORU.

Other fun learning activities will be happening all week, including trips to American Airlines, Williams, Tulsa Air and Space Museum and the Alliance institutions.

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