Thursday, December 1, 2011

Secure your spring enrollment: Don't get dropped!

When you enroll for the spring semester, if you haven't already, don't ignore the red, italicized message that pops up. You have to hit "I agree" just like when installing a software program or adding an app on your phone. But unlike that info, this information is VITAL in ensuring you aren't dropped from your classes.

TCC has a new enrollment process that requires you to either pay in full at the time you enroll, choose a payment plan or have approved financial aid. If you do not select one of these three options, then you will be dropped from all your classes by midnight that same day.

I have heard students say on the campuses that they were unaware of this requirement. I think it may be because they are clicking "I agree" without reading the information when they add classes. I can't blame them because if I were enrolling, I might do the same thing, thinking that the info wasn't important. But it IS actually important. I hope this helps!

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