Thursday, July 14, 2011

MathPath is full, but don't fret!

Apparently, lots of you out there are just like me when it comes to retaining (or not retaining) math. The MathPath classes I told you about last week (click to read) are totally full.

But worry not! If you didn't get enrolled and would like to brush up on your math skills, there is a math refresher course Aug. 1-4 in the mornings at TCC's Northeast Campus. Just like MathPath, this class will help you remember those math equations and formulas you learned way back when. This class will get you ready for your first or "first in a while" math credit class, such as College Algebra.

Find out more about this free class by calling 918-595-7200.


  1. Whom could I email for a schedule of upcoming MathPath courses?

  2. Hi, Adam. I'm sorry I am just now seeing this. You can call Joyce Friske on the Southeast Campus at 918-595-8616.