Monday, July 11, 2011

Deaf culture course: Everything hearing people want to know but don't know how to ask

Why do the Deaf describe themselves as a “culture”? Why do some Deaf people talk, others sign and some talk and sign? What is the best way to try to communicate with someone who is Deaf?
Get your questions answered by someone who knows first-hand about the Deaf community: Glenna Cooper. Glenna, who is Deaf, teaches a class at TCC called Deaf Culture and History. Glenna uses American Sign Language to communicate, but an interpreter voices her lectures. Therefore, you do not need to know sign language to enroll in her class.
If you are curious about what life is like in the Deaf community or you would like to understand the Deaf culture better, let Glenna fill you in.
Class time: 5:30-8:20 p.m. Thursdays this fall

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