Thursday, August 15, 2013

Congrats to the people making a difference

People are what make TCC great. Students eager to learn and build their resumes. Faculty prepared to share their expertise. Staff positioned to help students enroll, find their classes, apply for scholarships, etc. Again and again, when people talk about TCC, they talk about, well, the people.

Employees from every area of the College gathered yesterday on TCC's Southeast Campus to kick off the new academic year. At this event, several employees were selected as TCC Excellence award winners. These winners were nominated by their peers for the excellent work they do with and for students. Since many of you may know the winners, I'm thinking you might want to tell them "congrats," either by leaving a comment on this blog or telling them in person, so here are their names:

Lynnda Brown, Kara Ryan-Johnson, Jim Elder, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Patty Smith, Glen Jones, Tom Rowe, Jerry Rhodes, Larry Bittick, Becca Floyd, Pam Lucas, Keilah Deatherage, Lyn Kent, Lindsay Fields, Gornie Williams, James Price, Cheryl Lindle, Peter Kovaleski and Dianne Kirk.

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