Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A virtual 'meet the teacher' awaits

In elementary school, it was great because you always got to meet your teacher a couple of days early at the highly-anticipated "Meet the Teacher" night. You got to see your new classroom,  pick out a spot where you'd like to sit, and check out your classmates. But in college, it doesn't quite work that way, for better or for worse. You may not meet your instructor until the actual class starts, and you may not even know where your classroom is unless you put in some prep work for locating the class.

Even though you might not "Meet the Teacher" officially before class starts, there are ways to get familiar with the instructors at TCC on the TCC website and through Blackboard. Many areas of the College have faculty web pages, including Full-Time Faculty in the Business and Information Technology Division on the Southeast Campus. And, check out this great introduction of Suzanne Reese, associate dean of allied health on the Metro Campus.

No, not every instructor has a detailed profile page, but you can learn more about your instructors before that first class by doing some digging on TCC's website or Blackboard.

Happy browsing!

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