Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Pick of the pics

Here are a few of my favorite pics from 2012. Look around and let me know your fav.
Parent and child in Nicaragua waiting to be seen by
TCC Nursing students.

Flowers soaking up the morning sun at
TCC's Northeast Campus in the spring.

Goose on the loose at TCC Southeast Campus.
High school FFA student at Northeast Campus
in her fashionable kicks.

TCC employees showing off their team spirit before making phone calls
 to encourage students to file for graduation.

Grads from TCC's Physical Therapy Assistant Program say "hi"
to a skeleton in the new PTA clinic.            


A horse head at the Veterinary Technology Building
on the West Campus. Reminds me of a certain
scene in a certain film.....

I love this picture of the people in Nicaragua getting care
from TCC Dental Hygiene students. Students said even
though it was terribly hot, they had limited equipment,
and patients sat in lawn chairs, none of the patients complained.
Even though their teeth were severely neglected. Even the children. 

Reminds me of the holidays......

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