Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get your grub on

So. You have 30 minutes before your next class, and you're starving. What's a poor college student to do? Raid the vending machine? Scrounge around in your pockets for leftover tater tots? I say, "No!"

TCC has some great places to grab a bite if you get the munchies between classes. At Metro Campus, Bill & Ruth's is the place to get an old-fashioned burger and fries or a fresh salad. At Northeast Campus, Subway has your sandwich of choice. At Southeast Campus, hang out at The Hub for some Bill & Ruth's grub. At West Campus, delight your taste buds at the Upper Crust.

Here are some campus maps to guide you in your quest for food:
Metro Campus
Northeast Campus
Southeast Campus
West Campus

FYI: Most of the restaurants are located in the Student Union areas/buildings.

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