Monday, May 23, 2011

TCC Alumni Link: Join it, love it, win stuff

TCC President Tom McKeon is one busy guy, running one of the largest community colleges in the country with 30,000 students and all. But, I got on his calendar this morning so that he could personally invite TCC alumni (via video) to join TCC Alumni Link--TCC's effort to build its connection with alumni.

TCC has launched a website,, and a social media campaign (Facebook and Twitter) to get alumni in touch with each other and the College. Signing up to join Alumni Link gets you in the drawing for great prizes, including Visa gift cards and iPads. In fact, Sarah Johnson of Tulsa is our first iPad winner.

And, who knows? Maybe you will find the long lost buddy you sat next to in chemistry class.

Look for McKeon's invitation to you later this week on Inside Out.

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