Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best!

The amount of people who have graduated from TCC is astounding--45,000 approximately. I have been taking photos of 24 of our most distinguished graduates for the past several weeks. These select few are being honored as 2011 Best of TCC, and they will have an evening devoted to them May 25 at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel.

They are teachers, managers, directors and health care professionals. It has been great getting to meet these everyday people who have accomplished extraordinary success. It's obvious they are passionate about their careers--whether they care for infants or work for the cities in which they live.

If you know someone who is a 2011 honoree or is a past honoree, share their great qualities here in the comments section.

Best of TCC, May 25, Renaissance Tulsa Hotel. Info: 595-7836. Tickets: $40.

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