Thursday, October 3, 2013

Art makes its way to TCC Metro Campus

If reverse vertigo is real, I think I experienced it Monday when I looked high above a two-story home and saw 2 tons of artwork dangling in the air. With heart racing and brow sweating, I carefully protected my face with a Canon Digital Rebel. I hid behind the lens, pretending that I was witnessing something happening on TV. After taking several snapshots, I raced to the front of the house to snap photos of the art being placed safely on a trailer. When the stressed straps relaxed, I took a cleansing breath.

Witnessing the removal and installation of three pieces of granite art was quite an experience. For any of you who were there for the installation of "Heart and Soul," "Spirit Las Mesas" and "Broken Earth" at the Center for Creativity, you know. Those pieces are huge....and beautiful.

Why did TCC purchase $200,000 of art? Well, it was purchased in accordance with the Oklahoma Art in Public Places program. Oklahoma Art in Public Places, signed into law in 2004, requires 1.5 percent of the cost of construction or renovation of state owned public buildings to be incorporated into public art. And, since TCC is a state agency, it is required to comply with this law.

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