Thursday, March 28, 2013

Give a 'shout out' at Graduation 2013

Are you graduating from TCC in May? Give a "shout out" to your friends and family on the big screen on the night of graduation (May 10) during the pre-graduation PowerPoint presentation at the ORU Mabee Center. I'm looking for quotations from graduating students about their experiences at TCC, how their families have supported them, how faculty have helped them, etc. Your name will be included so that all your family and friends at graduation can see it! :)

Here are some ideas to help you in writing a quote (in one or two sentences, please):
1. How does it feel to be getting your associate degree?
2. Who would you like to thank for helping you along the way?
3. What does this night mean to you and your family?
4. How did TCC prepare you for your next step? 

Please write your quote in a complete sentence. Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or send the quote in an email to Please include your first and last name along with your submission.

Note: Submission of a quote does not guarantee publication. DEADLINE: APRIL 12


Graduating from TCC is allowing me to not only tell my seven children, but also to show them, how truly valuable an education is. With my husband's support, and all the help I have received from the great instructors I've had at TCC, I feel like there isn't anything I can't achieve once I set my mind to it.”
--Sabrina Hall, 2012 TCC Graduate


  1. TCC has been more than a college to challenge academics, but given me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a career in acting by means of a theatre and psychology degree. My faith in God gave me strength, being a member of Phi Theta Kappa taught me to strive for higher standards, my family-Doug who inspired me to never give up, daughter Tabitha who praised my good grades, a mom who raised me well, and last, but not least are the professors who helped shape specific skills that I will embrace in whatever I do in life-Thanks!
    -Karie Sill, 2013 TCC Graduate

    1. Congrats, Karie! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. The climb was tough, but the view from the top was worth it"
    First and foremost I want to thank my lord and savior jesus christ for making all things possible
    secondly, my wonderful family for being supportive and my parents on campus (faculty&staff) Mr. John Kahre and Mrs. Melondy Simmons. "The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done, to accomplish great things we must dream then act but also believe". (arnold palmer & anatole france)

    Thank You,

    NaCretia Alexander

    C/o 2013

  4. To the instructors and staff who inspired me, challenged me and gave me opportunities, thank you. To my family and friends who celebrated my accomplishments, listened to me complain, and urged me on when I felt I could go no further, thank you. And most of all, thank you to my wonderful children because you loved me enough to share your writing techniques, tutor me in math, learn new languages alongside me, and pack snacks in my book bag just to surprise me. I love you to the end of space...and back!
    I would not be standing here today without each of you lifting me higher and higher - Thank you!
    -Kathy Portley, 2013 TCC Graduate

    1. I Hope to soon be standing in the shoes of 2013 class, I am trying my best to push through college and make it happen for myself. Everytime I hear about a class graduation I get super excited because it gives me hope and the strength to push harder and go further! so thanks for showing people what TCC is made of. and I hope that you guys do great things with your degree's. I truely wish 2013 graduates Luck and and prosperity with your journey after TCC. GOD BLESS sincerely: Breyona Greenlee

    2. You can do it, Breyona! Hang in there.

    3. Where's the "Like" button? ;) Breyona, somtimes IT IS TOUGH! But just remember, you will be somewhere in one year, two years, ten. Either you will have finished a degree and be at another place in your life, or you will have given up and be where you are now. As a word of advice, if you would take it: think of every semester, every class as "just one more...just one more" and you will turn around and it will all be behind you. :) Good luck and God bless your every effort!

  5. I'm here tonight as a testament to my husband, John's, love, encouragement, and support. Thanks to the instructors at the Southeastern Campus, I'm well prepared to continue studying biology and hopefully someday earn a PhD in microbiology and immunology!

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