Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Budget-friendly healthy foods do exist!

Photo: Courtesy American Heart Association.

Life is hard. If there is one thing I've learned in my adulthood, it is that life as an adult isn't any easier than it was when I was a child. Some of the hardest things are what should be the most simple--such as making healthy meals that are also affordable that an entire family can enjoy. Typically, "healthy food," "delicious," and "affordable" seem to be polar opposites. But I've found a few websites that may help you cook meals on a budget that will appeal to your whole family.

1. Top 10 Healthy Foods on a College Budget This website has some great ideas for eating healthy on the cheap. A few of my favs listed are eggs, beans (add salsa to keep them interesting) and spinach.
2. American Heart Association Even though fresh fruits and veggies may be more expensive than junk food, remember that canned and frozen fruits and veggies can be just as nutritious and they have more of a shelf life in case you don't eat them right away.
3. EatingWell tacos Cooking tacos at home is so much healthier than eating them at a fast food place. You can control the salt by using half of a taco seasoning packet and stuff them with things like corn, lettuce, tomatoes and beans. Great for a busy weeknight.

If you have a healthy, budget-friendly recipe to share, please leave a comment.

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