Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Son Wi

Tse Son Wi and PTA students in the current PTA clinic.

I got to meet a pretty amazing family recently: Amy, Larry and their little girl Tse Son Wi, or Son Wi. The little girl is only 2 years old, but Son Wi has already triumphed over more challenges than some people face in a lifetime. How did we cross each others' paths? The Physical Therapy Assistant clinic at TCC.

Jeff Hammontree, PTA professor at TCC, has been working with Son Wi and her parents since she was born. He and his PTA students have helped Son Wi learn how to do various things, from swallowing to walking.

Son Wi, and numerous others of various ages and abilities, have received physical therapy while helping PTA students get hands-on learning experience for decades. In fact, the PTA program at TCC celebrates its 30th anniversary this Friday with a sneak peak at the future PTA Clinic facility. The new clinic will enable Jeff and his students to help even more people like Son Wi.

To hear Son Wi's story, click here for a video.

To read Lora's story, another PTA patient, click here for the Tulsa World article.

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